Class Descriptions

*All classes end with 10-15 minutes of restorative yoga.

Vinyasa Yoga

is a style of yoga that moves from pose to pose with a focus on breath. This is an intermediate/advanced class with optional heat. The class includes Sun Salutations and corework. Please contact Kari before dropping into this class.

Restorative Yoga

is a meditative style of yoga that holds each pose/stretch from 30 seconds to 3 minutes allowing your body to open, unwind and let go.


an intense body sculpting workout that lengthens and strengthens your entire body. You won't believe what light hand weights, resistance bands, pilates balls and a ballet barre can do for you! This class is challenging for both your mind and body.

H.I.I.T. – High Intensity Interval Training

High intensity periods of work followed by periods of rest. Intervals may vary from class to class but the results are the same. Increased aerobic capacity, elevated metabolism and accelerated rate of fat burning. Please contact Kari before dropping into the Monday 8:30 am and Thursday 8:30 am classes, there is a maximum of 12 participants.

Private/Semi Private Sessions

Private sessions are tailored to the individual's needs and fitness goals. The focus will be on strength, stability, flexibility, muscular imbalances and injuries (Kari will need a doctor/physical therapist/chiropractor consent to work with certain injuries.)


8:00-9:00 HIIT Strength/Core Circuits

This class runs on a week by week basis. Please call, text or email Kari to sign-up for the class.

What you need for all classes: yoga mat and water
Monday 8:30 am, Thursday 8:30 am and Saturday 8:00 am: fitness shoes, yoga mat, water bottle
If you don't have a mat, I have one you can borrow.